Why Are Facials Beneficial?

Have you ever let a professional massage masks, serums, oils and moisturizers into your face? How about wrap your face in a hot towel and gently work their magic? It’s freaking FANTASTIC!

Facials are a way to say “I love you” to your skin while reaping benefits that keep your skin clear, hydrated and healthy. Facials aren’t only good for your skin, they’re good for you. Regular self-care is incredibly important and facials have been shown to help reduce stress levels, making you feel more relaxed and providing you with a peace of mind. Facials will deeply cleanse and exfoliate your skin, while improving circulation, targeting specific concerns and rejuvenating skin.

How do I know what Facial/Treatment is right for me?

Every person has different skin concerns and issues. A facial and/or treatment should ALWAYS start with a consultation with an esthetician/skin therapist.  This includes the esthetician interpreting your own analysis of your skin, examining your skin and assessing the appropriate steps to well-balanced facial skin.

Your esthetician then uses this information to address your skincare concerns, figure out their origins, and suggest appropriate treatments and changes to your skincare routine. This skin analysis is for all new clients but even more importantly, for returning clients so the progress can be analysed to determine what is working, what is not and why.

During the treatment, your skilled esthetician will use products and treatments that will specifically target your skin’s health and your concerns.  I am talking deep exfoliations (Lexi’s fav), extractions, hydration, brightening, product recommendations, and so on. All of the skin care love that we need.

Can I get a Facial on my Back?

Our backs rarely see the love like the rest of our body. They are hard to reach to cleanse and treat properly. You can get a facial for that area you just can’t reach yourself. Back Facials usually include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, mask and hydration. Don’t worry, your esthetician has got your back!

What should I expect after my facial?

You will leave your service feeling relaxed with skin that is healthy, hydrated and glowing. If your facial is performed in the day, you will leave with SPF applied. If your facial is later in the day, they will prepare your skin for night with no cleansing necessary before bed. Ideally, it is preferred that you not to wear makeup after your facial and allow your skin to absorb all antioxidants and hydration without makeup. However, wearing makeup afterward will not harm your facial.

Estheticians are skincare junkies. They are educated, trained, and work with effective products and treatments on a constant basis, to say the least. They actually see what works and what does not every day! Get your information from an educated expert, not just from an ad that pops up on your Social Media  feed or a celebrity that is pushing a product that they get paid for.


Whether you are getting a facial for some much needed relaxation and stress reduction or you want to address some concerns, seeing a skin therapist /esthetician is a MUST for everyone!


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